Ladies... I know it’s a frustrating time to be dealing with a pandemic like this when you want your hair slayed, but don’t wanna risk being in contact with the virus but luckily... if you follow these very same rules you should be okay on your way to slay your hair!

Tips before coming:

1. Number ONE!! if you are stick stay home. I beg please do not leave your house. This may put other people including your stylist at risk and that can potentially cause a domino affect. Think of other people with families that are elderly and are immunocompromised. I have many clients who are older women, some with babies, and people with asthma and other illnesses that deserve to remain healthy! Please be accountable.

***If you came into contact with anyone with the virus please cancel the appointment and self quarantine for 14 days and be tested...

2. Wash your hands baby wash your hands!!! I love you all and I will make sure every client that enters my home will wash their hands prior to being seated.

3. If you feel the need to wear a mask or gloves please do so, I will not judge you one bit. Protect yourself and protect your stylist.

4. Hydrate, take your vitamins and get lots of rest!

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Hair health is most important when it comes to protective styling. What is the purpose of protective styling if you are damaging your hair in the process? No purpose at all!

About a year ago I allowed someone to do box braids on my thick natural hair not knowing that they were ripping my hair out in the process and weakening my strands. The result of that hairdo was terrifying.

About 3 braids came out with my hair attached to the ends! I rarely braid my hair for the simple fact that it’s so much tension on the strand in comparison to other styles such as Marley twists which are my favorite!

After doing extensive research I wanted my hair and edges to grow back and I developed my own serum that I used on my hair for weeks, and was very shocked when it actually worked... These were my results.

My hair thickened dramatically.. So I decided to sell as a product and have had so many testimonies about babies with eczema, women with psoriasis, postpartum hair lost, Hair loss due to medication... I had it all and I was so happy to share with my clients... Below is more customer results.

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Updated: May 31, 2019

One of the most recent styles that have came out in 2018 was this free and flowing textured twist style we now know as "Passion Twists." The style was invented by a youtuber who used crotchet hair to twist and develop this hairdo that a lot of black women are raving about. I have been doing passion twists since November 2018 and based off of the 40+ heads that I've done I have came across on how to get the maximum wear out of this style!

Before I go into maintenance there are a few things that you should know about Passion Twists!

1. They are not like Marley twists or Senegalese twists. Marley twists are one of my favorite types of twists mainly because I have type 4 kinky textured hair so it blends perfectly. With styles like Marley and senegalese twists, the hair has a way much better grip because Marley hair is kinky textured and Senegalese twists are done with braiding hair. So passion twists tend to need to be refreshened much earlier than these other styles. They last on average 4 weeks.

2. They are not waterproof! Passion twists hair is very silky and if you have natural hair and you decide to swim, you are going to regret every moment of that. The hair is so soft and silky that if you swim your natural hair will find a way to puff out of the actual twist.

3. It is slightly costly. On average you will spend $100-140 anywhere for proper installation without hair being included. The hair itself is $5.99- 8.99 a pack and depending on the thickness you will need about 6-9 packs of hair. So it is an investment.

Nonetheless this style is so beautiful, it mimics the natural hair twist pattern so well the style in my opinion is worth it entirely. So i will give you tips on maintaining this beautiful style so that you get the maximum wear out of it.

1. Do not submerge your hair in any type of water, I do not recommend swimming at all, because when you swim in salt water or chlorine you have to wash it out, and your hair will be a hot mess after doing so. Stay away from water and use dry shampoo!

2. Use very light products on your hair. Sheen spray, Oil spray, Mousse and water based sprays are your best friend! You can also use gels and jams. Shea butter, waxes, heavy pomades is a no no.

3. If your Passion Twists are heavy, try to limit putting too much strain on the twists. Placing your hair in a bun everyday may not be the best idea for your edges nor your twists.

4. Keep your hair protected at night! Invest in a huge bonnet, you can find them at you local beauty supply, or on amazon. If not use a regular bonnet and tuck everything in or I found that durags work perfectly! If you don't like to cover your hair invest in a satin or silk pillowcase.

This style is one of the most unique ways to use the hair required for it, and like any other style there are the pros and cons, but i think the joy you get looking at yourself with this style outweighs any con!

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